I have my ups and downs.

I try to keep myself busy so that I keep my mind off things, but there are moments when it just doesn’t work. I have quite a pleasant mood, I am going about my day and then I sit down and suddenly I find myself thinking about the past. About how nice it was. About those little things we used to do. I have to force myself to think about something else, but there is this sadness which remains.

I still feel confused when thinking about my life and future. But I try not to get overwhelmed by it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I still don’t feel completely all right around other people (except my mum and my sister). Mostly, I am just not in the mood to joke around, to talk about those light and plain things which I used to enjoy. I think this will return to normal after few weeks, but right now I feel the best on my own. Being with other people tires me…

Thank you for listening,



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