There are days like these when I just feel so weird.

Like I don’t fit where I am… Like I should be somewhere else doing something else.

I have this strange feeling in my stomach telling me something is wrong, but I don’t know what is it…

On days like these I would give anything to fall in some fantastic world full of strange new things and adventures.

I had these moods before, but they were not this frequent. I lost the safe place I lived in and now I have to face the great ugly reality… And do it on my own. Oh, how I hate this! I know I am tough and I can easily take care of myself, live my life on my own, but there are these moments when I just want to climb in my bed, put the blanket over my head and pretend that none of the real world exists.

It was so much easier to bear this with him… When I knew it only took one hug to make me feel like everything is all right, like it all made some sense… I guess I got spoilt… And now I have to learn to stand alone and fight alone.

I hate days like these.

Thank God for books…

Thank you for listening,



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