Sooooo, it is one of those days… I feel confused as f*ck.

I thought I had it all together (at least for now). I made the decision to not look for a new job right now and focus completely on myself and writing. I was okay with this plan for few days and now?! I just feel like all these resolutions are pointless and I am missing something and should be doing something different. URGH!!

I was so totally determined that I wanted to stay in my home city and find a work here, but now I have this urge to move out! IT. DOESN’T. MAKE. SENSE.

Can someone, please, give me a manual for right life decisions? Because I honestly don’t know what to do. Again I face the fact that I am not bound to anyone so I can do whatever I like – very freeing, right? Right?

All hail the pointless and chaotic blur of statements.

I swear I am not normally this whiny.

Thanks for listening,



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