I listened to the radio the other day on my way home and a song “Camouflage” by Selena Gomez started playing. There were two lines which have been stuck in my head ever since:

Remember when we’d talk all night… How can love die?

This just keeps echoing in my head. I think it beautifully captures the emotional state you are in when you remember a relationship that ended recently. You still remember how good it felt to spend time with that one person, how happy you were, how nice it was just to stay at home and talk all night. It doesn’t really matter if it was a lover or a friend, you two were close. You knew each other’s stories, secrets, good and bad habits… There was that intimacy of knowing the other person well, feeling content just sitting next to him/her.

And now it’s gone. And you are asking yourself what happened? Where are those moments of happiness and peace? How can love die? Love, that beautiful, strong, and unique emotion. Something we all cherish, something thanks to which we genuinely feel alive. How come it can just go away when we felt it so fully, when at that time we could not imagine our lives without it.

I just… don’t know how this is possible.

Yet, I know it happens. People grow apart. They stop caring. And once you don’t care, you can be sure that love died.

It is weird, though, if you think about it. You can have a friend who lives hundreds of kilometres away, you see him twice a year and yet the bond between you is strong and lasts. And you can have a person who lives next door who used to be a really close friend at one point of your life but now is just someone you talk to but who is no longer a vital part of your life.

People come and go, they say. But I guess it just makes me sad that love can really die.

God, I am such a hopeless case 😀

Thank you for listening,

T. (the hopeless romantic/dreamer)


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