I have forgotten to post this, not quite sure what happened, so… Here you go.


GOD, it is such an awful atmosphere at work these past days… Almost oppressive…

Our boss is a bad example of what a manager should look like. The main problem? He is excessively egocentric and arrogant. His inability to acknowledge that he could be wrong is ridiculous. There are situations where he could just say “I don’t know” or “What do you think?” and no one would care because he isn’t supposed to know everything about the projects that are being produced or even about the production processes themselves. He is supposed to run the company and to run it well. But he keeps  pretending he is this all-knowing person who always knows everything best and this leads to situations where he lies (either deliberately or out of ignorance), ignores the opinions of his employees (even though they are often more qualified to judge the issue at hand), twists other people’s statements  to fit his perception of reality, etc…

People here learned not to say anything, not to express their opinions in front of him, because he only hears what he wants to.

It is actually exhausting to work in such an environment.

And now it has come to the point where people are reaching their limits. They are getting too sick of this policy. Everyone is angry. They flip at the smallest things, because the pressure has been going on for too long.

And what does our boss say? “If you want to quit, I cannot stop you.”

You say that to people who have worked years so that this company could get where it is now? People who have so much experience that it would be impossible to replace them for the same wage?


It’s my third year here, so I am not one of those irreplaceable people, this is not about me complaining. I just hate to see a team of such great people falling apart because of one selfish superior.

Thank you for listening,



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