Yes you.

I know it is hard right now, unbelievably hard. Even getting out of bed is a struggle. Everything feels wrong, fake, empty.

But believe me, you matter. You matter to your mum, dad, your children, sister, brother, boyfriend or girlfriend, to your friends, your dog, hamster, parrot or cat (even though he acts like a snobby jerk most of the time). You matter to that cashier who admires your hair every morning as you buy your coffee, to that boy who liked your comment under the Youtube video you watched yesterday and who felt like he finally found someone who was as moved by that song as he was. You matter to that one classmate who loves your Star Wars t-shirt, to that colleague at work who is having a hard week but you made him feel a bit better by that sarcastic remark you cracked as your boss was giving the painfully endless speech at the beginning of the annual company meeting.

You are not alone in this fight.

Don’t you ever give up.




This one is for you, Chester, I hope you will be more than happy next time we meet.



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